Did you know procuring just ONE Federal Government client could be worth more than 50 individual clients for your business?

The Greatest Extravaganza kicks off soon!

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Blazers & Heels Federal Contracts Extravanga

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Each Business Owner doing business with the Government thinks about and deals with scaling differently. ​


You don’t need complicated funnels or tech systems to secure a government client worth more than 50 individual clients. (Sigh of relief.)

Hear first-hand from experienced business owners, contractors, and subcontractors, about their start to Government Contracting. The lessons they have learned and how they have created a sustainable company keeping up with the demands of growth and building their capacity. During this event and panel discussion, moderated by the Global Works Consulting Group with Erin Porche`,  we will laugh, grow and win some prizes. Also, you will get an opportunity to ask questions and get practical advice from key players in the industry.


Act now and join us for the Blazers & Heels Networking Extravaganza for Current & Aspiring Federal Government Contractors!

Should you attend this Extravaganza?


You are tired of working long days, feeling burnt out, and getting paid by-the-hour. It’s limiting. It’s frustrating. It’s just not enough. 

You feel like you probably have the ability to make a lot more money, but you’re too tired or overwhelmed to see the path clearly.

You would love to figure out how to work smarter, not harder! Fewer hours at your desk. More money coming in.

You want systems to bring in extra cash right now (immediate wins!) plus strategies to build serious wealth over time.

You want to make money but without exploiting people or “taking advantage” of people. You do not want to prosper while others suffer.

You want to hang with an inspiring woman business mentor, wife, mother and have some of that golden money-dust rub off on you.

Let’s be honest, you need a break from homeschooling your kids. You’re craving some fresh energy! 



Okay, seriously,  should you set aside an hour to attend this extravaganza? If you answer “Yes” to any of the above statements, then you should attend.

Let's Get these Contracts!


Have you been looking for government contracting opportunities on a federal, state, local, and tribal level, but have no clue where to start? You have come to the right place. Learn everything you need to know to get started securing contracts and major business deals

GWCG is ready to help you do Big Business & Land High Ticket Contracting Deals


Let us build your business by doing business with the Federal Government together.

Build every asset required to procure contracts for any season

Want to grow your business by winning government contracts? We can help!

Whether you are looking to win your first government contract or grow revenues by earning more, Erin Porche` has decades of expertise and experience navigating the process.


We offer a variety of services depending on your circumstances.




Meet Erin Porche`, a life and business growth strategist.  Also, a consulting catalyst, who will try anything once. Erin has helped develop and build capacity for leaders in businesses across the nation on a federal, regional, state, and local scale improving operations, modernizing tools, and systems to achieve maximum results by increasing their bottom line plus their profit margins.


Lady Erin is the CEO and Founder of Global Works Consulting Group, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a global reach.  Living to help others obtain lucrative business opportunities, crush their goals, dreams in life, ministry, and business.


Featured in the Advocate News, WAFB TV, DHS Secretary Corner, Hometown Productions - Broadcasting & Media, MAX 94.1 Radio, and Baton Rouge Business Report, people love Lady Erin because she gets to the bottom-line, with her wealth of knowledge, diplomatic approach, methodical thinking, her unshakable commitment to helping business owners outsource, delegate, and maximize the use of their time.  So, they can create the life and business that they truly desire.


She builds bridges offering trusted advice to close the gaps in the consulting field by connecting the dots on how to secure contracts and business deals. Erin enjoys connecting people and resources to the suppliers, and networks they need to grow and scale their business with ease.


Lady Erin’s knack for details and natural approach to connect with people activates and unlocks the lucrative world of fulfillment in life and business in the marketplace. All in all, Erin loves to travel, dance, build, and have high vibrating conversations. Erin is a lifelong learner continuing her education and training in Life and Business Mastery across multiple industries.

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