Know More & Win More with Government Contracting!

​​​Contracts & Business Deals Bootcamp Training

Know More & Win More with Government Contracting!

​​​Contracts & Business Deals Bootcamp Training

In this Bootcamp you will gain keys to:


    We will cover the keys to getting your inheritance and working with the Government


    You will learn the strategy to connect with the Government Agencies position yourself to confidently market and secure contracts and business deals.


    Key steps to get your business in order to secure 6 & 7 figure contracts.

Did you know the Government and its agencies procure more than $300 billion dollars’ worth of items falling under more than 4,000 categories ranging from airplanes to zippers, administrative assistance, construction development, transportation, beauty, health, wellness, cleaning service to executive coaching?


Does your company offer services in any of these industries?

  • IT or Construction Companies

  • Cleaning Services

  • Executive  Coaches & Consultants

  • Realtors and Lawyers

What are you waiting for?

Learn how to lay the foundation of your business, change your mindset and start building relationships so you can start doing business with the GOVERNMENT!



Erin Porche’ is the Visionary of Blazers and Heels™️ and Founder of “Global Works” Consulting Group, a referral-based agile boutique Tech Company headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a global reach.  Living to help others obtain lucrative business opportunities, crush their goals, dreams in life, ministry, and business.​


Lady Erin’s knack for detail and natural approach to connecting with people activates and unlocks the lucrative world of fulfillment in life and business in the marketplace. All in all, Erin loves to travel, dance, build, and have high-vibrating conversations. Erin is a lifelong learner continuing her education and training in Life and Business Mastery across multiple industries.


Certification Support: MBE, DBE, WOSB, EWOSB, CSM, PMP, 8A GSA, SCHEDULE, HUBZONE.                               


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Let's Get these CONTRACTS!

Have you been looking for government contracting opportunities on a federal, state, local and tribal level, but have no clue where to start?


You have come to the right place.

I am ready to help you do Big Business & Land High Ticket Contracting Deals!


Erin Porche of, GWCG, has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to position your business to pursue target government contracts. With the wealth of experience, Erin assisted my company is doing the market research and provide a thorough analysis and powerful insights and strategies for the navigation path to become a federal contractor. GWCG applied the project management approach throughout the entire cycle from engagement to meet the deliverables. This means you can count on a systematic approach to getting the job done. A true professional! For any small businesses looking to set up your organization to go after one of the biggest clients, the government, for your products and services, I highly recommend you engage with Erin and Global Works Consulting Group today!

Kim Tuon - Mennella

CEO, Jorani Solutions

My life would be very different without Erin. During an emergency session, she helped me to realize my worth and gave me the confidence to ask for a promotion and a vacation (I got both AND a raise, ty Erin!). She helped me break down and unearth what I wanted in my career. And what’s more, she gets Emergency Management and Homeland Security. You don’t have to waste time explaining the field, she’s lived it. Her advice was powerful, meaningful, adjusted to our field (‘cause we special), and I walked away with confidence that I could trust and not second guess. She got me. She spoke my language. During our session, she was patient when I was a mess 😂, asked thought-provoking questions, and was able to sprint with me when I jumped around rapid-fire. I will be a life-long customer. No doubt.

Sarah Moore
PEMC, Arcadis

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July 15, 2021


5:30 PM CST  to  7:00 PM CST

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Prepare to take immediate action with the steps to get your business in order and be able to ultimately access the business industry!


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